Tooth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures due to its immediate results and convenience of being done in one visit to the office or at home. Tooth whitening in office conditions is achieved by applying 40% hydrogen peroxide to teeth surface and using a LED lamp whose task is to accelerate the process. The procedure consists of applying a protective mask around the gums, 2-3 applications of hydrogen peroxide and applying the fluorine gel for tooth protection after the treatment. The entire procedure lasts about 1-1.5h after which a special 3-day diet is required to maintain the achieved effect.

Tooth whitening at home implies the application of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide in smaller concentrations using a splint that is made in a dental office based on dental impressions. The process lasts for a few days, mostly 7 -10, and is followed by the above diet regimen.

The duration of the whitening effect depends on diet and hygiene habits since frequent consumption of colored drinks such as coffee, tea or red wine as well as smoking contributes to teeth discoloration.